Acool55 is an environmental artist. He lives in New York. He has begun wheat pasting and painting his art on the walls of different cities in the US, UK and Italy in the Spring of 2016. Most of his street art is meant to carry a message about the environment and different social causes. He has taken part in numerous exhibitions. In a previous life he was known as photographer/filmmaker Luca Babini.

Station16 – Montreal 2018
Con Artist – NYC 2019
195 Allen – NYC 2018-2019
Soho Art Walks NYC 2021
CADAF Digital Art Months New York-Miami 2020
CADAF Digital Art Month Paris 2021
Immersive Room CADAF – Viva Tech – Paris 2021
Digital Art Month Paris 2022
Upcoming solo exhibition 2022


Water Dollars - Acool55